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Photo Retouch Project: {callie}

Today I wanted to do a fun little project and show off some of my photoshop wizardry. Often times with wedding photos there simply isn't the time or budget to do extensive photo retouching to all the photos. The retouching of photos takes considerable amounts of time and skills to do it successfully. However, I wanted to let everyone know, it is available and can definitely enhance the look of select photos, for enlargment in print or albums.

Here, Calle took some really awesome photos. So I wanted to use her one of her photos as an example of some subtle enhancement. In real life, people are constantly moving and we don't always see all the flaws. We see the expressions and the character that is that person. With a single, static image our eye is drawn to certain aspects of the image. We notice a lot more about the image and the subject in the image. With subtle retouching, we can tweak and remove distracting elements of the photo and give a much better representation of the person in the photo. From the before and after examples below, we see the results are subtle yet dramatic. We acheive these results, while retaining the overal texture in the subject's skin and not giving a fake, plastic looking image. The final result is a more pleasing indeed. Take a look at the un-retouched verson of this photo.


Here we have the retouched verson. This verson is cleaner and will print beautifully. If you are interested in this service remember to ask me about retouching services for rates.

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