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Engagement: {amanda & Aaron}

Amanda & Aaron are an e Harmony couple! Yup, Amanda found Aaron's profile and knew she had to devise a way to make him notice hers. But how? Should she just respond? UGH! What seemed like weeks went by when out of the blue she got a email from a prospective suitor. Well she thought, it's probably just another "Dud." But to her surprise it was Aaron! Amanda could hardly contain herself! Nervously she wrote him and of course he quickly responded. Over the course of several weeks they spawned a growing on line friendship. Aaron quickly grew expecting of Amanda's next email.

They decided to meet.... In six weeks! Amanda is a rather impatient young lady and she couldn't stand the agony or SIX WEEK! To her it seemed like an eternity. They were both living in different cities and six weeks lasted one week when they decided to meet in the middle. Anxiously when they met, Amanda ran up to Aaron and gave him the biggest hug, followed by the biggest kiss. There would be many more to come.

Amanda is a spunky, lively, southern bell from Alabama and Aaron is a tall, quiet mannered gentleman. In a way they seem to round each other out. They are soul mates and Amanda knew it the moment she saw his profile. Now they both do.

Amanda and Aaron had their engagement at the stunningly beautiful Temecula Creek Inn. Enjoy a few favs from their photo session with me.


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(Aug 7, 2010) dionne said:

oh my gosh what beautiful pictures you guys!!!

(June 14, 2010) James and Denise said:


(June 14, 2010) aunt kathy and kayla and princes said:

well we think they are absolutely fabulous. looking forward to seeing more!!!

(June 13, 2010) Tania said:

What beautiful pictures!! I can't wait for the wedding!

(June 13, 2010) Don and Debbie said:

Those are great pics of the two of you. I love the fourth from the last. Aaron you look like you up to something!

Congrats to the two of you.

(June 13, 2010) Amanda and Aaron said:

Thank you guys for all the sweet comments! Pete is so awesome! We totally can't wait to see all of them. We will send you all the link in a week or two. And Jared- Trust me Pete will see to it that the wedding pics will top these. Plus I wont have dark circles under my eyes ;) Thanks Pete you are great!!!!

(June 13, 2010) dad said:

loved the pics glad u r so happy

(June 13, 2010) Aunt Debbie said:

Wow! They were all great! But of course I do have my favorites. Aaron the one with you sitting on the fence and Amanda standing, the other is where you are both sitting and Amanda's "pink shoes" to she side! Beautiful! And, the little munchkins to follow will be beautiful too!

(June 13, 2010) Valinda said:

Loved this. Love will get you through the high's and low's. Don't ever forget this.

Pete you captured the true essence of these two. Aaron the gentle giant, Amanda the girl who was not afraid to go for it.

(June 13, 2010) "PJ" Patterson said:

You guys are going to be great. Every happiness to both of you.

(June 12, 2010) jared said:

Wow!!!!! You sure did set the bar high for your real wedding pictures....I have no idea how your Gona top these but I'm sure you will figure it out....just wow

(June 12, 2010) Felicia said:

Absolutely adorable! You two look amazing and so happy. Congratulations!

(June 12, 2010) Mom and Dad said:

The pic's are fantastic. We love you both

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